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Perhaps one of the greatest gifts Dr. Shannon, my wife, and I can give to our patients is the secret key to optimal health.  This key can bring you back from extremely poor health, recoup years of youth, and revolutionize your life, health and ability to do the things you want to do again. So, what is this secret key? Just between us, if you promise to embrace it, I’ll give it to you. Promise? Good. The key to this great gift is this: YOU are responsible of your health! Keep reading and I will tell you more.

One of the first things I like to tell my patients at Shift Integrative Medicine in Crosby when beginning to care for them, is the fact that they are responsible of their health. I want them to realize that, as long as I am, or any other doctor for that matter, is responsible for their health, they will never be as healthy as they could be. No, it doesn’t mean that you need to go back to school! It does mean that you need to become good at being your own best advocate; That you need to take the time to invest in your own health; That you need keep track of the path that your health is on and, with the doctor’s help, look to “right the ship” when it seems to be tipping. This is why I tell my patients that if I get run over by a car, or they don’t like me and leave, etc., that I want them to fully understand their health picture.

Chiropractic Care in Crosby For Optimal Health

How does this happen? Start keeping a record of things that don’t seem right. This could be a skin spot, increasing frequency of diarrhea, frequent fatigue… anything that is off the mark. If you feel it merits a doctor’s appointment, bring these notes and make sure they read it. I personally find this helps me gain clarity in the best way to help them. If they give you an opinion on the problem, ask questions until you clearly understand the problem. This is the trouble with the 12 ½ minute appointment and insurance: It doesn’t have an allowance for it.

Beyond the doctor’s appointment, what does it look like? 20 years ago, I taught a weight loss class as part of our major wellness programs. I always opened this class by asking if anyone present was force fed? (I knew that none were) After a quick chuckle, I let them know that this meant that everything they eat, they are choosing to eat. For many, this truth was pivotal in making the changes they needed to make. This exercise brought to light that they are the center of their health care. From here, they were on the best path to their optimal health.

Grab this secret key and Make the SHIFT today by calling Shift Integrative Medicine in Crosby.


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