Inflammation Out of Control?

Inflammation Out of Control?

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Do you get up in the morning and the first thing you do is assess what parts of your body are painful and stiff? I know it sounds funny but as a chiropractor in Crosby, I frequently hear this from my patients when they begin care. When I hear this, one of the first things I know we need to do is to evaluate their inflammation and help them reduce and hopefully eliminate it.

Inflammation in Latin means “to ignite”. This is a common starting point for my patients when they come in especially if they have a chronic or longer-term problem.  If our goal is to help them heal and get well, putting out this fire that have been “ignited” in their body is a top priority. This may include looking at causes for the initial injury or illness, evaluating the current state of the problem, and sleuthing out things in their daily life that may be adding to the fire. It means looking in directions.

We hear in the various media and advertisements about foods that can aid in healing. This is true. Did you know though that certain foods can also make you worse? Some of the more common offenders are coffee (even decaf… It’s coffee not as much the caffeine) and alcohol. Foods people may knowingly or unknowingly have a sensitivity to like dairy, gluten and grains. Other culprits are refined carbohydrates, trans fats and legumes (beans). I get it… some of you are thinking the only thing left to have is a big gulp of air! No worries. In future articles I’ll cover some of the great ways to still please your palate while getting well.

Insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) and diabetes are extremely common causes for inflammation. While lack of exercise and/or a poor diet can contribute to this, liver, thyroid, and pancreatic function are also extremely important and should be thoroughly checked. Cholesterol lowering drugs can affect inflammation as well as the way nerves heal. Without getting into a long discussion about the appropriate use of statins, you do need to be aware that nerve issues, such as peripheral neuropathies, are a potential complication. Why? Because the biggest component of the myelin sheath (nerve coating) is cholesterol. Once the medication starts taking all the cholesterol off the inside of your veins and arteries, it takes it off the nerve sheath. That irritates it, so the nerve shrinks and goes to sleep.

Overcoming Your Pain With Chiropractic Care in Crosby MN

You cannot rebuild a house if it is on fire! There are many markers in the blood for inflammation. High uric acid, c- reactive protein, homocystiene and fibrinogen. If these are high it means you are inflamed. We will never be able to restore your nerves if underlying inflammation is not addressed. Crosby chiropractor Murray Smith of Shift Integrative Medicine explains that the most common causes of inflammation are insulin resistance, poor diet and food sensitivities, hidden infections; poor gut function, hormone imbalances, an acidic pH in the body, poor kidney and liver function. We identify and address these through diet and proper supplementation and medical intervention if necessary.

If you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes or have been told your blood sugar is too high this has to be controlled in order to allow your nerves to heal! There are many factors that contribute to high blood sugar BESIDES diet and lack of exercise- liver, pancreatic and thyroid function to name a few.

These are the some of the most common things patients say when afflicted with peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy is really just your doctor’s word for nerve “damage.” It can be caused by many things, most commonly we hear from “unknown” causes. It could be diabetes, chemotherapy, and smoking, cholesterol-lowering medication, and perhaps even over-the-counter self-medication and dietary supplements. The one common trait in all of peripheral neuropathy cases is INFLAMMATION. If you don’t get inflammation under control your nerves can never be healed.

Another common but often overlooked cause of peripheral neuropathy is the use of cholesterol lowering statin medications, which have expanded exponentially. It’s not too long ago that the statins were heralded to be the cure-all for many of mankind’s greatest diseases and illnesses. This is not the report to debate the appropriate use of statins but if you or a family member is taking them, you do need to be aware that peripheral neuropathy is a potential complication. Guess what? The biggest component of the myelin sheath (nerve sheath) is cholesterol. Once it starts taking all the cholesterol off the inside of your veins and arteries, then it takes it off the nerve sheath. That irritates it, so the nerve shrinks and goes to sleep. Cholesterol can also be an antioxidant (these are very protective in the body) in certain environments. As we age we need more antioxidants. I believe that’s why cholesterol rises as we age. It is protecting us.

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