Digestion Upsetting You?

Digestion Upsetting You?

Digestion Problems

Tax season tends to be a time many of us get an upset tummy because the outcome seems so unpredictable. For some, though, this upset digestive state is their day-in and day-out experience. Many turn to antacids while others up the ante and use prescription medications for temporary relief. The bad news with this is that this can actually make the situation worse. Thoughtfully going through the entire digestive system can not only shed light on how well each process is working, but can uncover the underlying cause(s) that are driving the digestive issues. Top Crosby chiropractor explains how to overcome this pain.

Overcoming Digestion Pain in Crosby MN

Your digestive system is an intricate and intertwined series of actions and reactions. Although chewing technically starts the digestive process, we’ll start in the stomach. The stomach produces HCl to help kill invaders that ride along in our food. We also need the HCl, along with vitamin C, to digest the Heme in our meats and veggies. The Heme helps with carrying oxygen in our blood. Lower the HCl and you can lower blood oxygen, leaving you to feel anemic. Also, H.Pylori is one of the invaders that contributes to ulcers. With inadequate HCl, it’s no wonder your stomach can get irritated.

Next in line is the small intestine. The small intestine gets enzymes (chemicals that speed up digestive processes) from the pancreas and bile salts from the liver. Both of these contributing organs need to function well for the process to continue optimally. Together, this helps with breaking down and digesting our food. There is also a massive number intestinal flora (good bacteria and some bad ones too!). These help with protecting the lining of the intestinal tract, help with processing vitamins, and function as part of our immunity. The largest stores of the brain chemical Serotonin are in the intestinal tract. Ingesting chemicals in our food, taking medications, and poor diet can all destroy this balance and create life-altering problems. I find that some of the most misunderstood and undiagnosed digestive issues occur in the small intestine.

After passing through an important one-way doorway called the ileocecal valve (ICV), we enter the large intestine. The large intestine has some continued digestive duties including pulling water out of the remaining mix. Irritable Bowel Syndrome occurs here. The wall of the large intestine break down and the body takes in bigger food particles than it should. The body is seriously affected by this and can unnecessarily cause years of pain and embarrassment for those that suffer with this.

Having chronic and long-term digestive issues in Crosby can also cause nerve death in some the nerves that supply the digestive tract. There is a wide array of symptoms this can cause. If this occurs, it takes highly specialized testing and natural treatments to restore this.

With this in mind, taking care of this system you can’t see but can certainly feel can seem like a lot to… well… chew on!

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