Hopper Cold and Flu Club

Hopper Cold and Flu Club

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This week’s health independence tips focus around the cold and flu season that is upon us. No doubt people are already showing up at work, grocery stores, and other public places with coughs and sniffles. Our goal at Shift Integrative Medicine in Crosby is to look at the prevention, contributing factors and natural aides to this all to common occurrence.

The best defense to illness is to build a healthier body. Healthy eating (think organic fruits and vegetables), regular exercise and sleep, and regular chiropractic care all can boost your body’s natural defense. It can seem like a lot… and it is! However, this is completely doable! If you’re not doing one, some, or all of these, just start with one and work to do it well for just a month. You’ll own it and it gives you momentum to add the next. Finding a coach for each or any of these can heighten success.

Avoiding The Flu This Holiday Season in Crosby MN

The holiday season can be a trap that makes us susceptible to getting sick. Sweets are the primary culprit! “Why?” you ask? Because they can shut off the immune system, our natural defense. Just two tablespoons of sugar can shut it down for 5 ½ hours. Some sodas can have 8-12 tablespoons of sugar in a 12 oz can! Combine this with poor sleep and high stress and you get the perfect storm for illness. Have a thoughtful plan for each area that allows you to participate without overdoing it. It can get you through into the new year in one healthy piece.

If you do happen to feel yourself coming down with an illness, first look at the above areas you may need to clean up. Organic chicken broth, fresh Reishi and shitake mushrooms, garlic, and apple cider vinegar can all be boosters. Vitamin C (NOT ascorbic acid!), Bioflavanoids, and Rutin can help. Echinacea is an herb that is a proven and powerful immune booster. Oscillococcinum and Aconite are just two of the many homeopathic remedies that can be helpful. The list goes on!

Remember, the best thing you can do is to get informed. Finding a knowledgeable and reliable source to sift through the massive amount of information available may be of help in putting together your customized plan.  Today is the best day to begin. Make the Shift for a healthier you and call Shift Integrative Medicine in Crosby today!


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