Helping the Holiday Headaches in Crosby

Helping the Holiday Headaches in Crosby


The Christmas season should be one of joy, fellowship, and anticipation. Unfortunately, it can also be a time stress and headaches and sometimes these formidable foes can be ever-present during this time. With a little planning, this can be managed naturally and minimize the interruptions to this wonderful season of celebration. Here are a few top strategies to keep on your list.

Tips to Avoid Headaches in Crosby MN

Perhaps the number one thing I have found that can both eliminate this type of headache, and lower stress at the same time, is a visit to your chiropractor in Crosby. I have seen this in literally hundreds of cases over the years with my patients. They typically come in stressed, tired and with a headache. After a thoughtful exam and a chiropractic adjustment later, they are up with great relief and on the holiday trail again. Many report not only feeling relief from their headache but experience a lower stress level, too. It is my first thought for my family and the first thing they ask for if they experience this.

Being proactive can help lower the likelihood of this seasonal bump in the road. Making sure you are getting enough sleep can help. Sometimes this can mean the right pillow. The wrong pillow can cause perpetual tossing and turning and guarantee a headache and stiffness in the morning. We use pillows that are contoured that support your head and neck where each, independently, need it. They are also adjustable to customize the level of thickness and support. Avoiding screen time before bed or when stressed can also be of help.

Other simple changes can ease the burden. Although you may have never considered yourself a tea drinker, switching out a cup of coffee for a tasty and relaxing cup of tea can help. Depending on the time of day and circumstance, there a wide variety of teas for the situation. Chamomile can be very soothing and a wonderful stress reliever. Peppermint and ginger tea are also great to calm a headache and settle the accompanying stomach upset. Setting aside even 15 minutes twice a day to just quietly decompress guilt-free can be time well spent. Be sure this is gadget free. Combining this with a relaxing walk. for some, has worked well.

Finally, living this season thoughtfully, intentionally and with gratitude can be just the ticket that keeps it all in proper focus and perspective. Make the SHIFT today and call Shift Integrative Medicine in Crosby today!


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