Week One Resolution Tips

Week One Resolution Tips

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Wonderful! So here you are into week one of your resolution and everything has gone just as planned. Eating just right, going for it in your exercise plan, and trying to kick a bad habit or two… or three. This can be the best week in your plan. At some point, you may start to experience some affects of the plan that make you want to quit. Put these tips by our top Crosby chiropractor in your toolbox to head off some of the common derailing issues.

Accept imperfection for now. Starting your plan is the hardest part. Staying with it is a close second. I find that it’s quite common with my patients to see them doing very well on their program and then one day just stop. When I ask them why, they say they were doing great until they just “blew it’ one day, then decided to quit. They all say it in their own way but what they are saying is “If I can’t be perfect forever, then I’m not going to do it”.  You’re a zebra in a herd of horses if you can be perfect all the way through. “Blowing it” comes with the territory.

Tips to Keeping Your New Years Resolution in Crosby MN

Warm up before you stretch. For the majority just getting back into exercise, this can save us from a big speed bump: next day stiffness! Being achy and stiff the day after a workout can dim our image of “exercise is the greatest thing since sliced bread” idea. A five to ten minute mild to moderate walk, easy bicycling, or vibe platform session can get blood moving into your muscles and get your heart revved up. At this point, when you go to stretch, the muscle fibers have blood, oxygen and nutrients that allow your muscle to relax and contract they way they should with less effort, resistance, and potential damage. Also, a cold stretch is only 10% as effective as a warm stretch.

Get the nutrients you need. This commonly includes electrolytes (like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and sodium), Methylated B vitamins (a special form of B vitamins), and the most overlooked nutrient – Water. These can also help minimize some of the next day after-affects. Some may need additional protein but are best found with guidance to get the high-quality proteins you need.

Avoid the heating pads. I rarely have a patient that over-does ice. I commonly have patients that over-do heat. Heat will feel good. It can increase blood flow and bring endorphins and enkephalins (natural pain-killers) to the area and decrease pain. This is the good part. The downside is that they wear off in about two hours and now you’ll pay the piper. I’ve seen studies that suggest for every 5 minutes you do heat with an new injury (stiffness can be a minor injury signal) you can extend the recovery time by up to a week.

Stay with it. The longer you do it, the more it will become a part of you. Don’t forget to forgive yourself for “blowing it”. The initial discomfort will pass.  Make the SHIFT today and call Shift Integrative Medicine in Crosby!


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