The Spirit of 1776

The Spirit of 1776

Happy Independence Day in Crosby MN

It’s here! The Fourth of July. Some of my little children were wondering if summer was shorter since “they cancelled the Fourth of July”. We let them know that it was still on the calendar, as was our celebration. It also started a wonderful discussion on what the Fourth of July is actually about: the beginning of the greatest country the planet has ever seen. This commemoration of our decision to be an independent nation ushered in the freeing of the human spirit. This human spirit that had been, and still is, widely oppressed across the planet.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were two of the Founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence. One proposed it, and the other largely wrote it. I read also that these two didn’t really get along. Adams thought we should celebrate the 2nd of July, the date on which it was written, Jefferson the 4th, when it was signed. One wanted lots of rules, the other wanted to be left alone. They knew they needed each other, though, and they wrote each other almost daily. They even died on the same day: the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Fourth of July.

I think we can still draw some important lessons from these brave men. I believe it takes courage to work well with someone you disagree with. I think it takes courage to keep the communication lines open. I think amazing things happen when the human spirit is freed and not dependent on government but guided by a good moral compass.

Maybe this week, or maybe just today, ask someone their name, instead of calling them one. Ask someone about themself, instead of assuming something about them. Take time to listen, instead of talking. Think about the amazing foundation of this country and be grateful. Let truth and goodness be your guide, instead of agenda.

Have the courage to see what happens. Make the SHIFT today!


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