The Indoor Garden in Crosby

The Indoor Garden

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If you are like me, growing a garden inside right now does not seem appealing. I would rather be out and about frolicking in the parks, playing and visiting with my family and friends. However, currently we can’t do that and it may be an invitation for some unwelcome glares from passersby. Well, while we are waiting out the final days (hopefully!) of our shelter at home, let’s look to learn another valuable skill over the next few weeks that can serve us for the rest of our lives: Growing an indoor mini garden.

I am going to roll out the basics for building this apparatus that will require a massive remodel, high electric bill, and permits beyond belief. But wait… it does not require any of that! It will require no new lights, no pumps, or fancy greenhouse. You are probably going to have many of the things needed already in your home. Now there is a scavenger hunt worth having. It will be something that you will be able to refine your skills in, year after year, especially in the long winter months like the ones that we are just coming out of.

So why bother? The sprouts you are going to be growing are going to be nutrient dense. These sprouts, if harvested in the first seven days, have the highest concentration of nutrients the plants will have to offer and the most digestible. Radish sprouts for instance, have as high of vitamin C content as citrus fruit. Eight of the small trays can yield up to 1 ½ to 2 pounds if fresh spouts every 10 days! There are a large variety of greens that can be grown and can be cut to go straight from your tray to the table.

Once these easy to master methods are learned, this takes minutes, not hours. I know some are thinking “But I don’t have a south facing window”. The good news is that any window can work. “If you can see, you can spout greens” is a mantra for this method. So, any home, apartment, dorm, etc. with a window will do. Oh, and the eight trays I mentioned above, together they measure a whopping one square foot.

So, get your shelf and a window ready for the coming weeks and we’ll begin your conversion to an indoor gardener. Make the SHIFT today!


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