Stomp Out Neuropathy in Crosby

Stomp Out Neuropathy in Crosby

Neuropathy in Crosby MN

As spring rolls in and the doors fly open, most of us are looking forward to popping our shoes off and walking barefoot through the yard. This, however, may not be true if you have what is called a peripheral neuropathy. A neuropathy is just a fancy word for nerve “damage”. This damage is located most commonly in the feet but can be in the legs, hands or arms. It’s not unusual to be told this is for unknown causes but there are a number of possible reasons. Causes can include diabetes, chemotherapy, or smoking. It can also occur with cholesterol-lowering medications, over-the-counter medications and even the wrong dietary supplements.  I’ll go over the common factor of all these shortly, but first let’s look at the some of the symptoms associated with this debilitating condition.

Overcoming Neuropathy in Crosby MN

Neuropathy in Crosby can cause a wide array of symptoms depending on the type and location of the problem. If it affects the nerves that help you feel, the symptoms can include numbness or could cause pins-and-needle sensations, pain, or even burning. Sometimes this can feel like shooting electrical sensations or can make you sensitive to touch. Others may describe a sensation like wearing a glove or sock.  If nerves to a muscle is affected, there can be muscle twitching, cramps, weakness and/or spasms. Additional symptoms can include dizziness, balance issues, or coordination problems. Unfortunately for some, a neuropathy can affect bowel and bladder function, heart rate and blood pressure, perspiration issues and even E.D.

Nerve compression problems in the back can cause sciatica, stenosis, or neck problems, and wrist issues such as carpal tunnel can cause symptoms. There is a wide array of contributing causes here.

Cholesterol medications can seemingly help one thing and cause another. Peripheral neuropathies are commonly overlooked as a side-effect of this class of medications. It can affect the protective coating on the nerves called the “myelin”.

Over-the-counter medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen don’t do very well with this type of pain. Anticonvulsants and antidepressants are sometimes prescribed as treatment for this. There is a long list of medications that are used and, with each, a long list of side-effects. What they all have in common is that they are not given to cure the problem. They are given to cover the symptom.

Properly analyzing the underlying cause is critical to solving this difficult problem. Having Diabetes type 2 will cause issues because it affects insulin and blood sugar level. Beyond this, though, proper evaluation of the pancreas, liver, and thyroid function should be done. Anemias are important to look at because they affect oxygen levels the nerves so desperately need.

The significant underlying cause I eluded to earlier is inflammation. This can affect all the various types of neuropathies. The bad news is that it’s not often evaluated properly. The good news is that if it is, it can be helped naturally in many cases and the nerves can be brought back to health.

Because of the significant nature of this debilitating disorder, proper treatment can require a multi-faceted approach that addresses the various aspects of the particular neuropathy. It most likely involves a program that enlists advanced testing and evaluation, state-of-the-art therapies, professional nutrients to match, and a thoughtful and effective home program for continuous improvement.

Being evaluated by a natural care professional can be the first “step” to overcoming this difficult problem!

Dr. Murray Smith DC, cAcu, CSCS, CCSP is a Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic, Board Certified Acupuncturist, Clinical Nutritionist with a passion for helping people reclaim their health naturally and empowering them to keep it!

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