Gutting It Out

Gutting It Out

Digestion Problems

Congratulations! We made it through our first full week of “shelter-at-home” and on to what we hope is the final week. For most, it has been an inconvenience of varying degrees. Many have had to “school-at-home” for the first time. So, since we seem to have the time, and are all in the swing of this home learning, let’s learn a few things about our gut that can help us be healthier through this crisis.

Some sources say that over 80% of the immune system is in your stomach. Wow! Pretty important. Because of this, it has also been suggested that drinking fluids frequently can wash the “invaders” into the acid bath and immune-rich system that awaits them there. Generally, this makes sense and at the very least we stay properly hydrated which has its own benefits.

A lot is being said these days about the microbiome (the good and bad bugs that naturally live in our digestive tract) and rightly so. These function as an important part of our immune system. The good guys keep the bad guys in check. Getting the right mix can help with your mood, brain function, hormone function, and may other seemingly unrelated health concerns.  So, what are the “good guys” we are looking for?

Your digestive tract has a variety of flora (gut bacteria). The ones that have been suggested to be most helpful at this time are Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Saccharomyces strains because they enhance the immune function in the body. You can get probiotic supplements with these in them. You can also consume certain foods and drinks that can contains or help support them. Probiotic foods such as yogurt, kombucha, and keifer are good suggestions.

Here is a soup we have found helpful, as well, to try during this time at home. Use this time wisely to Make the SHIFT today!

Immune Boosting soup

In a large pot, heat a Tbsp. of coconut oil


  • 1 large chopped Onion – cook 5 min. then
  • 6 garlic minced cloves – cook 1 min. then
  • 2 celery sliced stalks and 1 Lbs. of sliced shitake mushrooms tops - cook 10 min. then
  • 1 ½ tsp sea salt
  • ¼ tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp. turmeric, grated fresh ginger (to your taste)
  • 12 cups spring or filtered water.

Bring to a light boil, then simmer at least an hour – then add ½ head chopped kale and 4 heads chopped baby bok choy – Simmer 10 min. and serve or store


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