Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask

COVID-19 in Crosby MN

Finally, the time has arrived for us all to start coming out of our shelter-at-home. With this comes a lot of unknowns. One thing we do know is that some of us, probably a high number of us, are going to get this. So, what can we do to weather this storm? Plenty. We know that the people that have the greatest problems with the Covid-19 are seniors and those with serious underlying health issues. You can’t turn back the clock and get younger.  You can, however, do something about the person behind the mask.  Start working to improve your health and potentially decrease and minimize the effects if/when you do get it. Remember: They told us from the beginning that we are going to, and should, get it after the doctors and hospitals are ready.  Here are some top ways to boost your health.

Fear not. One of the great difficulties with the non-stop Covid-19 coverage is the stress and fear it creates. This fear can increase the stress hormone cortisol which over a long period can suppress your immune system and the virus-fighting cells. Make it a point to avoid the media that pushes opinions, exaggerations, and ideas that fuel the fire behind this fear. Limiting to a brief once-a-day check in is more than adequate to catch up.

Don’t wear a mask. That is, when you are just at home or outdoors when keeping social distancing is easier. We know that the masks won’t keep you from acquiring Covid-19, you are wearing it for other when in close proximity. Some reports, however, have suggested that masks might actually cause you to have an increased negative response. That means if you were asymptomatic because your body was handling the virus, wearing the mask could make it harder for your body to fight it.

Watch your mouth.  Avoid the sugars, they shut your immune system down. Eat fresh meats, vegetables, and fruit as the bulk of your diet, organic when possible. These nutrient dense foods will give you the vitamins and minerals that will maximize your body’s ability to fight infections off. Take Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and probiotics to help supplement the body’s need at this particular time.

Rev up the Master Control System. The nervous system is the master control system of your body. It controls or directs everything, including your immune system. This is probably why studies have suggested that Chiropractic adjustments can boost the on board army called the immune system by 400%. Chiropractors are the ultimate experts at providing this. Make an appointment to this essential service.

Work on the person behind the mask to and walk out the door with confidence. Make the SHIFT today!


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