Smith Wellness

Dr. Murray Smith, DC


Individual Wellness Plan



Everyone can benefit from becoming a Smith Wellness patient including you!

At  Smith Wellness, affordable care means you don't need to live with aches and pains. In fact, you don't need to be injured or in pain to visit a chiropractor at all. We make achieving your top health our top priority. 

​We know that your brain and nervous system regulate and control virtually all systems in the body. They send messages through the spinal column,  so it's easy to see how taking care of this part of your body is vital to maintaining good overall health. Regularly visiting SW can help you live your best life yet!

Wellness Classes

Information is power. Recognizing this, becoming a patient includes a Class-Pass that entitles you to attend our Health and Wellness class series.  These classes are designed to empower you with the tools to regain your health and maximize your life ... with you in the driver's seat!  Dr. Smith has developed and presented these over the past 20 years and is continually scouring the health care landscape to bring you the most up to date information and wellness strategies.